What is the meaning behind the Jibskin name?

"Jibbing" is a slang term originating from skateboarding that has been adopted by skiers. It is used to describe a rider tapping, hopping, or maneuvering around objects with coordination and style. In skiing, a rider's face isn't fully visible and their clothing becomes their only distinguishing feature. With this, a rider's outfit becomes their avatar in this creative videogame-like activity we take part in. Their clothing is their "Jibskin."

How are Jibskin's products made?

As durable and exclusive as handmade clothing is, Jibskin does not posses the skillset to run that sort of operation. All products are designed and tested in-house and manufactured by a third party company.

Does Jibskin ship internationally?

Yes, Jibskin is world wide.