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Zinc Alloy Carabiner

5 Inch nylon strap

Circular Keyring

Embossed Silicone Patch



The whole point of this is to provide you with the gear you need. Everything on your garment should do it's job. If your product is damaged or defective in any way, please send an email at to seek an exchange or refund. 


Products are warrantied up to 60 days after receiving it. Within that time period, you are eligible for an exchange/refund for any damages. Please note that the warranty only applies to damages/defects. All orders are final once shipped.


Please take extra time to make sure you are entering the correct shipping information when ordering. Jibskin is not liable for lost items sent to an incorrectly entered address.

Jibskin is run by one person, which means shipping times will vary. Shipping times are generally as follows:

Priority Mail Cubic - 3-6 days
Priority Mail Express - 1-3 days
Priority Mail Cubic - 2-3 weeks
Priority Mail Express - 3-6 days

Everything is shipped as soon as possible. If you have any shipping concerns, please send an email and you will be updated on your situation. 

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